Ubisoft removes Tom Clancy from XDefiant’s title

What faction do you want in the game?

Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft announced in an official blog post the beginning of the XDefiant Insider Sessions, in which players play with and against the development team to showcase features of the game and provide feedback. But most notably, the game will no longer use the Tom Clancy branding in its title.

XDefiant is Ubisoft’s free-to-play six-vs-six arena shooter announced in 2021. At the time of the announcement, some Tom Clancy fans pointed out the huge difference in the ambiance of the new game when compared to Tom Clancy’s usually more serious approach. Although it’s unclear if the change is a repercussion of fans’ complaints, Ubisoft said players will “be introduced to Factions from games outside of the Tom Clancy universe.”

This change will not remove the operators previously announced from Tom Clancy’s games, like the Wolves from Ghost Recon, the Echelon from Splinter Cell, and the Cleaners and the Outcasts from The Division. Ubisoft didn’t reveal what exactly players can expect, but now there is a possibility to see characters from Assassin Creed or even Far Cry in the future of XDefiant.

Although these “Insider Sessions” have already started to invite some registered PC players through the XDefiant website, Ubisoft reminded console players that they’ll be able to participate in the tests later. There is no specific date in this regard, though.

Ubisoft has not yet revealed a timeline for the full release of XDefiant. The game will come to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Amazon Luna, and Google Stadia with cross-play between all versions.