Stardew Valley getting “new content” in version 1.6

Stardew Valley is getting a little bit bigger

Image via ConcernedApe

ConcernedApe, a.k.a. Eric Barone, created something special with Stardew Valley, selling over 20 million copies since its release date in early 2016. In the years since it was released, Barone has supported the game with new content. Now, the developer has tweeted an update about new content coming to Stardew Valley in update 1.6.

According to a tweet from the ConcernedApe account, Barone states that 1.6 is set to release sometime in the future. This update will primarily focus on support for modders but will also feature some new content.

Barone states that the new content won’t be huge, but there will be something new in the next update. He also says that he’s unsure if there will be a 1.7 update but doesn’t shut down the possibility either.

In the same tweet, Barone discusses the connections between Stardew Valley and his new game Haunted Chocolatier. While he confirms the two games may have some kind of connection, he’s not sure how deep it would be. He wants Haunted Chocolatier to have its own identity instead of relying on a connection to Stardew. 

The last update for Stardew Valley was 1.5, and it introduced a new region to the world and evolved on a lot of content already in the game. It brought new minigames, puzzles, and characters players had never seen before. 1.6 will likely be a fraction of that update but will still introduce some new content to the game.

Barone doesn’t give a release window for the update, so fans may be waiting another couple of months before it hits their devices.