Star Wars Squadrons error code 918 explained

Space air traffic control doesn't give everyone permission to fly.

Image via EA

The highly anticipated Star Wars Squadrons game was released yesterday, inviting fans on an epic journey in space.

The game’s multiplayer mode has been the center of attention since it allows players to clash against each other as pilots. Star Wars Squadrons does a superb job of capturing the magic of the Star Wars universe, but it also shows great potential when it comes to esports.

The game’s launch didn’t go as smoothly as planned, however, due to tutorial bugs. Some players have also been unable to play the game due to issues like “error code 918.”

The bug only seems to affect PC users logging in via Steam and EA Play. There haven’t been any reports of the issue by console players.

The error usually surfaces when players are trying to connect to the multiplayer game mode and appears after a notification that reads, “This EA account is restricted from accessing any online features. If you believe you have received this in error, contact customer support.” While this error makes it look like you may have been banned, it’s nothing that serious.

How to fix error code 918 in Star Wars Squadrons

Unfortunately, there isn’t a clear fix you can try out to fix this problem since it looks to be a server-side issue that gets triggered by time zones. A minority of the player base was able to log into multiplayer after changing the time zone settings of their PC and re-logging in, but it may just be the re-logging part that temporarily fixes the error in their case. 

Multiple reports by community members arose shortly after the error started affecting players and EA staff members acknowledged the issue. This means that a fix should be underway. You can speed up the process by sharing the following information with EA via support tickets or official threads on its support forums:

  • Your Steam Username
  • The time you first tried logging into the game (including your time zone)

At time of writing, the issue seems persistent in certain time zones. The United Kingdom and Australia are the two epicenters of this error, but a small player base from the U.S. has been affected as well.

The error only pops up when players try to log into the multiplayer mode, though. The single-player content works as intended. We recommend keeping an eye on the official Twitter page of Star Wars Squadrons and the official forums to stay up to date with all the developments regarding this issue.