Sonic Frontiers rumored to be released in November, plans for DLC leaked

The game could be coming on Nov. 15.

Image via Sonic Team

Rumors suggest that the next entry to the Sonic franchise of games, Sonic Frontiers, might be releasing on Nov. 15.

This comes from a Reddit user named FadhaadTD, who spotted the rumored release date. The date was seen on promotional material for the game posted by a Taiwanese online shopping website, and it lists the game’s launch date as Nov. 15. Plans for a Sonic Frontiers DLC were also pointed out through the post.

Some of the series’ characters were spotted on the poster. This includes Sonic, Knuckles, Miles, Tails, and Amy. Sega has yet to comment about the leaked promotional material, including the rumored DLC release.

Last week, Gamescom Opening Night Live host Geoff Keighley confirmed the first official look for the game will be shown during the event taking place on Aug. 23 at 1pm CT. “It’s true: @sonic_hedgehog is coming to @gamescom,” Keighley said. “Opening Night Live! Tune in live on Tuesday, August 23 for a world premiere new look and news about SONIC FRONTIERS during OPENING NIGHT LIVE!”

But a claim by a known leaker of the Sonic franchise mentioned that the Gamescom trailer for Sonic Frontiers was already played in theaters in Japan, specifically before the showing of the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie.

It’s just a matter of days before Gamescom 2022, so the trailer being mentioned by the leaker could also be the one releasing during the event. But nothing has been confirmed by Sega about this matter as well.