Smite’s Golden Bolts award series has returned

Who doesn't love a good award show?

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

The time has come to show appreciation for your favorite members of the Smite community.

Right now, you can nominate your favorite Smite personalities for the Golden Bolts awards.

Smite’s Golden Bolts ceremony is an interactive community-driven award show aimed at showcasing some of the game’s best content creators and players. Now through Oct. 15, players can head over to to nominate whomever they choose.

The Golden Bolts awards have four different categories and each category has three subcategories. The four categories are livestreaming, video creator, pro play/esports, and community contributor. The subcategories for livestreaming include Streamer of the Year, International Streamer of the Year, and Clip of the Year.

Video creator’s subcategories are Video Creator of the Year, International Video Creator of the Year, and Video of the Year. Then, for community contributor, the subcategories include Community Member of the Year, Fan Artist of the Year, and Rising Star. Finally, over in the pro play/esports category, you’ll be able to nominate players for Rookie of the Year, Esports Play of the Year, and Pro Player of the Year.

All you need to nominate someone is a Hi-Rez account that existed before Oct. 1, 2021. There’s also no limit on the number of players you can nominate, so if you’re torn between two creators for one subcategory, just nominate both.

From Nov. 1 to 22, fans will be able to vote among the players with the most nominations. After all the votes are counted, you can tune in to the official Smite Twitch channel on Jan. 6 to 8 to watch the full ceremony live.