Smite’s 9.2 Bonus Update is now live

Four new skins have just arrived.

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

Four new skins and a variety of balance changes have just been deployed. Smite’s new 9.2 Bonus Update is now live.

Late last month, Patch 9.2 went live and introduced a plethora of new skins to the game, as well as a new God, Shiva, the Destroyer. Fortunately for fans of new in-game cosmetics, Smite cranks out skins like a well-oiled machine. As a result, four new skins are joining patch 9.2 via the Bonus Update.

Skins making their debut today include Haunted King Thor, Corrupted Kenshi Mulan, Baked Perfection Awilix, and Molten Doom Kuzenbo. Sadly for fans of Thor and Mulan, your new skins will be locked behind a chest. On the flip side, Kuzenbo and Awilix players can purchase their new skins directly through the Dharmic Era event.

The 9.2 Bonus Update also includes a number of balance changes aimed at decreasing the damage of Mages. Spear of the Magus, Divine Ruin, Spear of Desolation, Celestial Legion Helm, Seer of the Jungle, and Belt of the Berserker will all be receiving nerfs. All of these items besides Seer of the Jungle and Belt of the Berserker is direct nerf to Mages.

In addition to the items, a large number of Gods will also receive balance changes. Zeus, Sol, Izanami, Shiva, Gilgamesh, Bastet, and Fenrir will receive balance changes of some kind. You can check out the changes in detail, alongside the developer’s reasoning for doing so here.

You can head into Smite right now to check out the new skins in-game or peep them here.