Smite fans can get a free Halloween-themed avatar for a limited time

Freebie alert.

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

Hi-Rez Studios is pumping out content for Smite like a well-oiled machine.

The latest reason for you to check out the newest patch comes in the form of a free Halloween-themed avatar.

From today until Thursday, Sept. 28, players will be able to earn the above spooky avatar for free. All you’ll need to do to snag the free avatar is earn three “First Win of the Day” bonuses. This is done by earning a win in any mode for the first time that day. This gives you a few different ways to earn your new avatar.

If you’re someone who only plays Conquest, you have the option of earning your avatar over the span of three days. Alternatively, you could earn a win in Conquest, Arena, and Joust mode to get the avatar as fast as possible. Whatever method you choose, just know you have three days to get it done.

The free avatar comes to us as part of Smite’s Halloween-themed event, The Reaping. The event introduced eight new spooky skins and came out alongside the debut of the game’s newest God, Cliodhna. The Queen of the Banshees received a skin through the event, Deadly Doll Cliodhna, so it’s fitting that they released alongside each other.

You can head into Smite now to earn your free avatar as part of the ongoing Halloween-themed event, The Reaping.