Should you choose Nate White or John Luck in NBA 2K23 MyCareer?

These two are different types of reporters.

Image via 2K Games

If you’re playing MyCareer in NBA 2K23, the game mode which allows you to create the best NBA player possible, choosing between reporters Nate White or John Luck will be one of the many options left for you to decide the fate of your player.

As soon as you have played your first NBA game in NBA2K23‘s MyCareer, the game will let you choose whether you want to be interviewed by Nate White or John Luck. These two have different approaches to conducting the interview and answering a question with the wrong answer might hurt the image of your player in the eyes of the public or decrease the morale in the locker room. This option will appear in other NBA games you play as well.

Nate White is a far more challenging reporter in MyCareer than John Luck. He’ll ask you some tough questions and place you in a difficult spot, especially if you played poorly. John Luck, on other hand, is much softer in comparison to Nate White and will happily toss out some easy questions for your character.

Who to pick in NBA 2K23 MyCareer between Nate White or John Luck

There’s no right answer, unfortunately. We advise you to choose a reporter based on your game performance. If you want to answer more challenging questions and are confident about how you played the game, you should pick Nate White. If you, however, struggled in your last NBA game or don’t want to risk answering something wrong, pick John Luck and you should be fine.

After your first NBA game in MyCareer, NBA 2K23 will introduce the reporter Candace Green at some point. She’s not always among the options you can choose, but she will be there for most post-game press conferences. Candace Green is a mesh of Nate White and John Luck and seems to be a more balanced reporter than the other two.