Ryvals, a new online competition platform led by OpTic HECZ and other esports veterans, launches its beta on May 28

It's a new platform to compete in esports titles on.

Screengrab via OpTic Gaming

A new online competition platform with an all-cash system, Ryvals, will launch in beta next week on May 28, the company announced today.

Featuring a “state-of-the-art ELO system that will revolutionize the way players interact,” Ryvals is run by a leadership team of esports industry veterans like OpTic’s Hector Rodriguez and Mike Martin, along with Chris Shaya and Sean Murphy.

“As a seasoned veteran in the competitive space, whether casual or tournament play, across different platforms, when the opportunity arose to become part of Ryvals, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to help create a platform that was built for the gamer,” said HECZ, who’s a co-owner and partner with the company. “Ryvals has built something special, and I look forward to seeing Ryvals launch, grow, innovate, and evolve into the marquee esports tournament platform.”

Using Ryvals’ Elo system, users “will be able to track their growth as competitors and accurately see how they stack up against the competition.” Specific competitive games were not revealed, but the company teased that it will focus on “a multitude of popular esports titles.”

“After being in this industry for years and knowing the community’s long-standing issues with online tournaments, we decided to build a solution for gamers around simplicity and efficiency,” said Mike Martin, chief operating officer. “With Ryvals, we also wanted to create a platform for everyone, from casual gamers to die-hards. From the creation of quick join to the removal of the credit system, the Ryvals platform was designed with the gamer in mind from the ground up.”

Ryvals also uses Shift4 Payments, “a leading provider of payment processing solutions, for example, will handle Ryvals’ payment processing, ensuring a seamless, safe, and efficient payment experience for gamers.” The site uses cash only and does not rely on credits to pay out winners.

While the beta doesn’t begin until May 28, players can sign up on Ryvals.com to reserve their username as early as today.


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