Resident Evil Village was reportedly going to include mermaids

They were supposed to be included in Moreau's area.

Image via Capcom

Resident Evil Village was supposedly set to include mermaids in Moreau’s area of the game, according to leaks.

This information comes from Dusk Golem, a dependable informer about the Resident Evil series. According to him, the game was initially supposed to be much more expanded, and it was planned to include some new enemies, like mermaids.

“Moreau’s area RE8 was trimmed a lot,” Dusk Golem said. “Moreau’s section initially had a sorta’ open swamp like section that was laid similarly to End of Zoe’s swamp stuff, spent time in and out of water.”

At first, this was supposed to have a couple of different paths to go through, making Ethan Winters, the title’s protagonist, choose between going by land or through the water.

If the player decided to go with the latter, he would encounter “mermaid-like enemies,” who had a varying range of abilities. “In the water they could swim for you quickly if they spotted you, and you had to get to patches of land or kill them successfully before they reached you. Even on land they could be annoying and do this screech attack which stunned you & slowed you down for a time.”

Dusk Golem added that the swamp also initially included “a stalker enemy in it,” which could be Moreau, a “slimy sorta Tyrant-like creature.” He is, however, uncertain about this.

The swamp area could have also included some “Lycan & Witches,” doing some “weird ritual type stuff.” As Dusk Golem explained, players would have been able to sneak past them or fight them for items.

Resident Evil Village came out in May 2021 and garnered mostly positive reviews. On Metacritic, the PlayStation 5 version of the game boasts an 84 Metascore out of 108 critic reviews.