Pirates War Enters the World of Mobile Esports

A new game combining Monopoly and Hearthstone is trying to make its way to the mobile esports world.

A new game is trying to get in on the growing mobile esportsscene, and that is Pirates War – The Dice King. 

The game comes to us from a company named IdiocracyGames and looks to be a mix of bothMonopoly and Hearthstone. To earn money, the player mustacquire territory.

Image courtesy of Pirates War Facebook

The plots of land, or “tiles” as the game calls them, canbe purchased and upgraded. The taxes coming from those tileswill be your main source of income in the game. The game alsooffers “special tiles” that can help you on your journey.

To acquire things, you can also battle other pirates in theHearthstone-like part of the game. The player hasa selection of over 80 different pirate cards to choose from,with each of them having their own different skills. The way youmix and match these pirate cards helps determine whether or not youwin the battle. 

Image courtesy of Pirates War Facebook

The game will offer three main game modes: A single playercampaign, a multiplayer mode with random matchmaking, and a friendsmode where you can play against your Facebook friends. Thedevelopers have claimed that a ranked multiplayer mode is stillin development and will be available soon after the game’srelease.

The developers are planning a Manila tournament by the end ofthis year, but the game is out now as a cross-platform game forboth Android and iOS devices. 

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