OpTic J deactivates social media accounts following backlash over selling OpTic Gaming

The community wasn't happy with J.

Screengrab via Travis Gafford

Ryan “OpTic J” Musselman, one of the founding members of OpTic Gaming, has deactivated all of his social media accounts after receiving heavy criticism from OpTic Gaming fans. OpTic’s parent company, Infinite Esports and Entertainment, was sold to Immortals Gaming Club, much to the dismay of the team’s fan base.

OpTic J became the president of Infinite Esports in 2018 following the departure of Chris Chaney. As a result, many fans blame J for OpTic’s fall from grace over the past year. Additionally, because of Immortals’ acquisition of Infinite Esports, the future of OpTic Gaming as a brand is now up in the air.

OpTic’s famous Call of Duty team, for example, will likely have to change its name due to franchising requirements with the CoD World League and its League of Legends team will be rebranded to Immortals when 2020 rolls around. Also, Immortals already own a CS:GO team, MIBR, so the organization can’t retain OpTic’s Counter-Strike roster.

Meanwhile, CEO Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez has continuously shown his support for the brand. He’s mentioned multiple times that he hasn’t given up on OpTic and has tried to keep control, which has earned him much more respect among the fans of the team.

Optic J’s Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram accounts have all been deactivated. The amount of hate that he was receiving, though, would have driven other people to do the same as well. People now await the fate of OpTic as it joins the massive amount of teams under Immortals’ umbrella.