The six odd and even Witchwood cards won’t appear in Arena

Synergy in Arena is pretty unlikely.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

New Hearthstone expansions normally bring new archetypes and mechanics, but that can cause problems in the game’s Arena.

Take the C’Thun cards for instance. It’s very rare you’ll be able to draft a viable C’Thun deck in Arena from the cards you’re presented with. That’s why those cards are currently excluded from Arena—and some of the The Witchwood cards will be joining them on that list.

The six cards which include benefits for either all odd or all even cost cards will not be included in the Arena, senior designer Mike Donais confirmed yesterday.

In the discussion on r/CompetiveHearthstone, responses were mixed once Donais weighed in. Some were glad to have clarity, while others had hoped that the cards would be included. Like some of the C’Thun cards, there are situations where the odd and even cards would have been useful even without their bonus effects.

Donais’ comment also confirmed that the six cards with these effects that have been revealed so far are the only cards in the set with that effect. That means the two legendaries, Genn Greymane and Baku the Mooneater, and the four cards unveiled last night—at least for this expansion.

While the legendaries are neutral and in theory any class could have an odd or even deck, the class cards revealed suggest there will be four top candidates in the new meta—Odd Mage, Odd Druid, Even Shaman, and Odd Priest.