Nintendo’s latest patent could hint at the company’s next piece of hardware

Is this the Switch successor?

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo has filed for a new patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office that could be the company’s next big hardware reveal.

The new patent describes the piece of hardware as a system that is “capable of communicating” with another similar system. The patent goes on to show how this would work, with multiple system screens being linked together to share information or create a new gaming experience.

Nintendo’s handheld systems have always had a focus on multiplayer experiences. From the Gameboy link cable, to wireless gaming for the DS and 3DS, and the portable Nintendo Switch

This new patent seems to follow that typical Nintendo trend by literally linking systems together.

Nintendo showcased one way to use this unique feature through a bowling mini-game. Players tilt one of the screens up into the air to roll the ball towards an obstacle on another screen to interact with each other.

It is unknown at this time if the new piece of hardware is an add-on for the Switch or a new system entirely. It could be attached to the Switch somehow, or connect wirelessly.

The patent could be the latest unique design to come out of Nintendo. The company recently released Nintendo Labo for the Nintendo Switch, a game which relies on cardboard creations to interact with the system. Some of these creations included a piano, fishing rod, and motorbike steering wheel all made out of cardboard.