Nintendo Direct Sept. 4 start time and where to watch

Some Smash Ultimate news could be coming soon.

Image via Nintendo

Today is Nintendo Direct day, which is the best part of the month for any Nintendo fan. The company will host a livestream for the Sept. 4 Nintendo Direct that will provide fans with roughly 40 minutes of new information on Switch games, both updates to released titles and further details about upcoming releases.

The video will debut at 6pm ET/5pm CT on Nintendo’s YouTube channel, but you can also watch it from the embedded video below. The whole broadcast recording will be available on the same channel after the livestream is over.

The only two Switch games Nintendo mentions in the Direct preview are Pokémon Sword & Shield and Luigi’s Mansion 3. But it’s not possible that these are the only two games that the company will talk about, so fans can also expect news about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate upcoming character, Banjo-Kazooie, and maybe even the character that’s coming in the next Challenger Pack.

Overwatch fans are also hoping for an official announcement of the title on the Switch. Even though little is confirmed, a leaked Overwatch Switch case was put on sale on Amazon and was taken down as soon as players spotted it. It was enough to keep fans’ hopes alive that Blizzard is making a port of the game to the Switch.

Though nothing besides Pokémon and Luigi’s Mansion 3 is confirmed, there’s a lot Nintendo can talk about in a 40-minute Direct. The lack of details about the presentation is what is making fans excited about secret reveals finally happening.

We’ll keep this story updated if Nintendo announces any changes to today’s Direct presentation.