Nintendo says it can’t accommodate every fan’s request for sequels

“The customer is always right,” says a well-known proverb. But Nintendo disagrees.

Photo via Nintendo

Nintendo’s president Shuntaro Furukawa has stated that the video game company cannot make sequels to accommodate every fan’s wishes.

During an annual general meeting within the company, a shareholder asked Shuntaro Furukawa if Nintendo would revisit its old but still popular titles such as Wario Land and F-Zero, and consider giving them a new life in possible sequels or remakes. Furukawa replied, saying that Nintendo cannot revisit every title that fans request them to work on once again.

“It is realistically difficult to develop new titles and remakes,” explained Furukawa, “including sequels, for every Nintendo game that people request.” Furukawa then showed his gratitude, adding “but we are very grateful and appreciate the expectations our fans have for our games.”

Shinya Takahashi, Nintendo’s senior managing executive officer, also chimed in on the topic, letting the public know that fans have asked for remakes and sequels in the past that were already being secretly developed by the company, such as a remake for the Famicom Detective Club series.

“We cannot tell you if there are any plans for future remakes of any specific game, but, during development, we are always thinking about various possibilities that players can enjoy,” Takahashi stated.

One highly-requested title that the company reportedly has in development, however, is Metroid Prime, which is on its way to release later this year.

While this may discourage fans from expecting a lot from Nintendo, it also means that there is a chance that, if you are hoping for a sequel or remake for your favorite underrated Nintendo title, the company is already working on it secretly. You never know.