Moonmoon finally completes Elden Ring level one only run, dying 2,037 times along the way

This looked like a nightmare.

Image via FromSoftware

Popular streamer Moonmoon has completed his level one only Elden Ring run, although he died 2,037 times in the process. 

Elden Ring is difficult. The Lands Between are full of deadly enemies and bosses that can sometimes kill you in a few hits, and having the appropriate gear and weapons is crucial. Leveling up is also an important part of the game since it increases your stats and ensures you can handle the new challenges presented in each area. 

Moonmoon completely ignored the leveling system and wanted to beat Elden Ring with a level one character. Most would give up after a few hours since this is a tedious and brutal task, but Moonmoon persevered and finally defeated the Elden Beast, the final boss of the game. 

The Elden Beast can easily take down under-leveled players with one hit, and attempting the fight at level one is almost always a guaranteed loss. But Moonmoon tediously memorized the boss’ moveset and managed to complete the game without leveling up once. Completing Elden Ring is an accomplishment on its own, but doing it without leveling up is an incredible feat. 

A counter in the top left of the screen tracked Moonmoon’s deaths, showing he died 2,037 times along this perilous journey. Any player looking for an extra challenge should think twice before attempting a level one run unless they have the fortitude to continue grinding after dying over 2,000 times.