Mew2King joins Cognitive Gaming

With big-name sides quickly snatching up top Super Smash Bros

Image courtesy of Nintendo

With big-name sides quickly snatching up top Super Smash Bros. players, Cognitive Gaming may just have landed the deal of the decade.

The mid-level organization that claimed the Smite world championship this year announced the signing of Smash legend Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman today. With equally notable players like William “Leffen” Hjelte and Adam “Armada” Lindgren landing on major players Team Solomid and Alliance respectively, Zimmerman is a huge get for the comparative underdog.

Zimmerman’s competitive résumé, technical skill, and academic mastery of multiple characters across multiple games need little introduction. Regarded as one of the “five gods” of Smash for his brilliant play and consistency, the storied player is a proven championship contender.

In the announcement, Cognitive also revealed the re-signing of prodigious talent Justin “Wizzrobe” Hallett. An analog of Zimmerman in both his approach to the game and multi-title ambitions, Hallett’s star has risen considerably under the Cognitive banner, particularly in the fan-made Project M.

While the announcement will likely surprise fans who had Zimmerman slated for another top-level team, his championship pedigree is a perfect compliment to Cognitive Gaming’s stable of Smite champions. With Smash consistently growing in viewership and notoriety, Zimmerman is no doubt far from the last major signing the resurgent competitive scene will see.

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