London Conspiracy pick up Hearthstone team

Another established esports organization has branched into Hearthstone

Another established esports organization has branched into Hearthstone.

London Conspiracy have become the latest esports franchise to get into game’s rapidly expanding competitive scene, picking up four players.

The new team gives a home to three of the players who left Team Infused last month in an acrimonious split. As the players departed, the team owner slammed the game as being simply “luck of the draw”. The three players from that roster joining London Conspiracy are Nick “Aquablad” Secker, “Alex “Raven” Baugley and Mike “ExplodingCow” Evans.

The British trio will be joined by Norwegian player and streamer Christoffer “Asmodai” Stub.

One former Infused player not moving with his one-time team mates is Simon “Sottle” Welch, arguably the team’s most high-profile player. Welch will sign for another European team within the next few weeks.

London Conspiracy are unlikely to be the last prominent esports organization to expand into Hearthstone, with other top teams rumored to be looking seriously at the game. Other outsiders looking to get into the game include organizations like fantasy esports site Vulcun, which is looking to start its own Hearthstone league.

Image via London Conspiracy