DoubleLift nails 2 quadra kills with Jinx

Peter “DoubleLift” Peng has more kills in the League Championship Series than any other player

Image via Riot Games

Peter “DoubleLift” Peng has more kills in the League Championship Series than any other player. He added eight to that total today over about 30 seconds of in-game time, putting together two quadra kills on the champion Jinx, showing once again why he’s one of the best marksman in League of Legends.

Both came in an important match for Counter Logic Gaming, a battle for first place against LMQ. But Peng’s herculean efforts weren’t enough to lead his team to victory.

The first quadra came with LMQ knocking on Counter Logic Gaming’s door. An engage by jungler Marcel “Dexter” Feldkamp gave Peng the opening he needed to quickly score two kills before chasing two LMQ players into the jungle and finishing them off.

The second would be the clutchest play of the whole split, if only Counter Logic Gaming had somehow managed to come back and win the match.

LMQ had a huge lead and were using it to crush through Counter Logic Gaming’s top lane inner turrets and inhibitor, an assault that should have ended the game. But Peng managed to dodge just long enough to give him a small opening. The last man standing for Counter Logic Gaming, inches from his nexus, Peng looked like Rambo blasting through a wave of cannon fodder minions.

Peng put together a monster individual performance today, but his team couldn’t capitalize on it. The loss ended a winless week for Counter Logic Gaming, dropping them out of a tie for first place with LMQ and into a two-game hole behind the league leading Chinese team.