Killer Klowns from Outer Space will be great for streaming, according to devs

It's gonna be a non-stop horror movie.

Concept art from Killer Klowns from Outer Space the Game showing the inside of the Klowns space ship with a glowing purple core
Image via Teravision Games

Killer Klowns from Outer Space is a wacky idea for a horror movie that would be fun to watch alongside an audience, so developer Teravision Games and publisher Good Shepherd capitalized on that. The upcoming Killer Klowns game will be perfect for streaming, according to the developers, thanks to the different trophy characters and movie finale-like gameplay.

In an interview with Dot Esports, Rudy Greenback of Good Shepherd and Luis Daniel Zambrano of Teravision Games discussed how Killer Klowns works well as its own kind of show. Greenback believes that classic 1980s tropes lend themselves to players to sort of turn into characters of their own.

Concept art from Killer Klowns from Outer Space The Game showing a female biker in different styles
Image via Teravision Games

“Because all these characters you could actually have, we had strangers playing the game, and doing all this weird stuff, and actually acting out the last 20 minutes a horror film through their gameplay, and then voicing and vocalizing for their audience in the character’s voice,” said Greenback, who previously worked on the Friday the 13th game.

He went on to call it magic the way those experiences came together, especially when teams of streamers would get together for a match. In speaking on how he hopes they’re able to replicate that same feeling in the Killer Klowns game, Greenback said “but even more emergent things can happen. So wilder shows could come from the content.”

A screenshot from Killer Klows from Outer Space The Game showing a house at night with cotton candy coccoons near the front of the porch
Image via Teravision Games

“By having all these parallel objectives, we provide the players with the agency of choosing their own story within this clown invasion theme, which makes it more compelling because it’s all about living through it,” Zambrano said. It seems that the players will be in charge of how they tackle the clown invasion, taking on the roles of entertaining archetypes that are fun to watch.

The game is set to release early in 2023, so it won’t be long before players can watch their favorite streamers hop into the town of Crescent Cove and face off against the Klown invasion.