Is the Champions League in Football Manager 2023?

Will the newest game let players take a crack at one of the world's most famous competitions?

Image via Sega/Sports Interactive

The Football Manager series is famous for letting players take teams from dire situations into the upper echelons of world soccer that their real-world counterparts will most likely never reach. Ever wanted to see if you could take Notts County or Dorking Wanderers from the fifth division all the way to European glory? Football Manager is the game for you.

One of the most-requested features every time a new Football Manager rolls around is if the new title will have officially licensed competitions like the Champions League in the game. For a long time, the Champions League wasn’t branded in-game, instead letting players take on the bland “European Champions Cup” and other generic versions of the real-life competitions that teams play.

Sure, those competitions are technically set up the same way as the real-life versions, but it’s just not the same as actually winning the Champions League and lifting its iconic trophy, you know?

With Football Manager 2023 set to release in November, the same question has cropped up once again. Will the newest game in the series allow players to actually take on officially-licensed UEFA competitions, commonly considered the most prestigious club tournaments in the world of soccer? Or will they be stuck playing for non-descript cups and trophies once again?

Can you play the Champions League in Football Manager 2023?

Yes, for the first time in the Football Manager series, players of Football Manager 2023 can compete in the officially-licensed UEFA Champions League.

In addition to the Champions League, the new title will also come with the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Europa League Conference as tournaments that European clubs in the game can play in. The addition of these licenses only adds to Football Manager’s reputation as one of the most realistic soccer management simulators on the market.