Is Facebook down? Here’s how to check

There are a couple ways to go about it.

Image via Riot Games

Facebook stopped working for many users earlier today, leaving people wondering how to keep track of the platform’s status.

While there are a few different ways to check to see if the platform is functional, some might work better than others in certain situations.

Facebook itself has a platform status webpage that you can regularly use to see if there are any issues. But today’s circumstances make the page irrelevant. 

Because that webpage is hosted by Facebook, whatever issue the platform is having today has also shut down the platform status webpage.

Given the current shutdown, perhaps the best way to keep track of when Facebook might work again is by following Twitter.

Earlier today, Facebook posted that it’s “working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible,” acknowledging and apologizing for the outage.

Outside of repeatedly trying to reload a tab of Facebook on your web browser, your best bet for tracking the outage is by following the platform’s Twitter channel

To get updates as they happen, you could even change your Twitter settings to get notifications anytime Facebook posts.