Inscryption is coming to PS4 and PS5

Time to sacrifice some cards.

A man with a hook looks over cards that are layed out to battle against each other
Image via Daniel Mullins Games

Deck-builders are the type of game that requires strategy and thinking ahead. In the last year, Inscryption has become widely popular with PC players due to its deep lore and addictive gameplay. Now, Inscryption is getting its own version on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, likely complete with the new Kaycee’s Mod DLC mode.

The new port was announced during the PlayStation Indies showcase along with a handful of other games. There’s no official release date, but all the games from the showcase with release dates in the next few months. Players can likely expect it to release sometime before Halloween this year, making it the perfect game to play on a spooky night.

Inscryption is a very meta game where the less you know going into it, the better. There are twists and turns and it often feels like it is multiple games in one. What’s ever-present is the deck-building skill and strategy that’s required from the player to get further in the game. Players who are unable to make sacrifices won’t be useful to the ringleaders of Inscryption.

The player takes on the role of a content creator who found a mysterious box buried in the woods with a game on a floppy disk. Upon running the program, he found that there was more to this game than anything else made in the past. The program seems to be alive and intent on its own goals whether the player likes them or not.

Players will be able to dive into the world of Inscryption when the game releases soon for the PS4 and the PS5.