How to unlock and use Valor Surges in Horizon Forbidden West

Aloy's got some new tricks up her sleeves.

Image via Guerrilla Games

In Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy sets off on a journey where she faces bigger and tougher foes than she’s ever seen before. In order to deal with these new threats, Aloy has Valor Surges on her side.

There is a skill tree in Horizon Forbidden West that allows players to unlock new skills for Aloy, including the ability to heal faster, give her more time to slow down her aim, or learn new moves. There are six different skill trees in the new Sony sequel, and each of them has Valor Surges.

What are Valor Surges in Horizon Forbidden West?

Valor Surges are defined in the game as “extremely powerful, rare abilities that can instantly turn the tide of a fight.” Players can earn valor through their gameplay, and can activate their Valor Surge when the Valor Surge bar segment is full. Valor Surges are activated by opening the Weapon Wheel and tapping R1.

Screengrab via Sony

In combat, Valor Surges act as special abilities that require a buildup of valor to use. There is a purple Valor Surge bar at the bottom right of the screen, indicating how much valor Aloy has saved up.

Each skill tree has a Valor Surge. For example, the first one unlocked in the Hunter tree is the Ranged Master Valor Surge. This special ability allows Aloy to deal more damage with ranged weapons for a while.

How to unlock & equip Valor Surges

The Valor Surges are unlocked in the Hunter skill tree, and it will take a fair amount of skill points to acquire. All three of the locks on that section of the skill tree must be unlocked before the Valor Surge skill will activate.

To build valor, players must do certain things in combat. Removing components, targeting weak spots, and defeating enemies are all ways to earn and build up valor.

Screengrab via Sony

To equip Valor Surges, head to the skill tree and press “square” while the one you’d like to equip is highlighted. To power up a Valor Surge, go to the skill tree and select the one you’d like to improve and hold down “square” until it levels up the skill. It costs three skill points to upgrade to level two, and five to upgrade to level three. The current level of the Valor Surge is indicated by the circles surrounding it and the skill preview on the right when hovering over it.

In heading to the Forbidden West, Aloy is facing some strong enemies, and players now have more in their arsenal to deal with them via the skill tree and Valor Surges.