How to Sandfish in My Time at Sandrock

Sandfishing could be good for early game money.

Image via Pathea Games

Sandfishing is a mini-game in My Time at Sandrock, and it’s one that might help players earn money if they take their time with it. It’s not hard to Sandfish, but it does take practice.

Early on, you’ll get the quest to catch some Sandfish and you’ll be given a Sandfish Trap to catch them. But Sandfishing isn’t quite as simple as just tossing out the trap. You’ll need to throw out some bait to get a fish to hold still enough for you to catch them.

To fish, you’ll want to throw out bait first. Bait can be seen on the quick bar, as well as the quality of your trap. To throw the bait out, use the scroll wheel to scroll to the bait you’d like to use and toss it into the Sandfishing area, which is found in the southeast area of the map, almost directly east of your workshop.

Screengrab via Pathea Games | Remix by Dot Esports

Once your bait is out, wait for a Sandfish to come to it. Scroll to your trap and it will show you a white line and an aiming circle. Left-click to aim the circle at the fish until the fish is highlighted in blue. If the fish isn’t highlighted, you’ll scare it away. Once you have it lined up, let go of the left mouse button and you’ll catch the fish.

Some bait works better or worse with different fish traps. In the beginning, you’ll likely use the Sandfish Trap that you were given. Then, as you build new ones, more bait options will open up. Every time you catch a fish, a notification will pop up on the screen detailing how big your fish was and how much it will sell for.

Spend a bit of time at the Sandfishing area and it could be a way to gain a little bit of money in the early game. It can be easy to lose track of time while doing the fishing mini-game, so make sure you keep an eye on the time as well, since after 2am, you will be too tired to fish.