How to push in cages in NBA 2K22

Gently tell your opponents to move out the way.

Image via 2K

If you’re playing NBA 2K22 with a random teammate and the chemistry is just not there, you’ll need to work more around the pitch. This means instead of passing around and creating openings, you may need to rely on your personal skills and get through defenders by yourself to create chances.

While it’s not the ideal way to play NBA 2K22, players will need to adapt to different situations. Pushing is one of the best ways to get through defenders, and it’s also one of the simplest ways as well.

To push opponents, players will need to press X on PlayStation and A on Xbox. This feature can be used regularly in cage matches since it won’t count as a foul. While pushing looks simple enough, it’ll take some time to master it. You’ll also need to watch for your movement to perform pushes more consistently.

Knowing your way around the pitch is essential to survive on the court, but you’ll also need to choose a build that fits the type of player you’re looking to become. Once you settle on your build, all that is left will be to focus on playing to your strengths while experimenting with new badges to find the best formula for your player.