How to invite friends in Dying Light 2

Round up the gang for a parkour adventure.

Image via Techland

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is a fun experience by yourself, but running through the story with a few friends is a nice change of pace. This can help you make it through some of the more challenging areas without wasting several weapons or items. You can also invite friends at any point and they can drop in and out of the story as they please. 

Inviting friends in Dying Light 2 is simple. Press pause and navigate to the Online Menu and select Online Options. Switch your game type from Single Player to Public, Private, or Friends Only. A public game allows any player to join your session and you can adjust how often the game will search for new players with the “Call For Help” option. A private game requires an invitation to join, while a friends-only lobby allows any of your friends to jump in at any time. 

Once you’ve selected the lobby type for your play session, exit the Online Options tab. You should see three translucent character models next to your character and three Add Friend buttons across the bottom of the screen. Press these buttons to invite friends to your lobby or select the Friends option on the left side of the screen. This method shows all available players in a grid who you can invite with the push of a button.

After getting your group together, you can continue with the story where you left off. Your team can vote on narrative choices you encounter, but the host will have the final say. Take advantage of the extra help since Dying Light 2 can be difficult.