How to get higher security clearance in Dead Space (2023) remake

Get yourself that Mastery Override.

Screengrab via Motive

Dead Space will undoubtedly be one of the scariest games to release this year, allowing players to explore an evolved version of the USG Ishimura. Isaac Clarke and his team are entering the ship for the first time, however, so they won’t be able to move as freely as someone with security access. To that end, Isaac will need to find ways to access a number of blocked doors throughout the game.

Fortunately, some spare parts of the old crew are lying around, so you can access new areas of the ship that way. Here’s all the information you need to know about how to get a higher security clearance in the Dead Space remake.

Where to get a higher security clearance in Dead Space

You’ll unlock the first three security clearance levels just by playing through the game, as they seem to be linked to the progression of the main story. In order to unlock the Mastery Override access, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve collected all the officer’s RIGs from across the ship, which will likely take some backtracking once you unlock the quest.

You can unlock the security clearance by:

  • Clearance Level One: Given near the end of Chapter Two in the Morgue
  • Clearance Level Two: Given by Hammond when you’re on the bridge in Chapter Four
  • Clearance Level Three: Found on the ground in Chapter Seven in the Processing Deck of the Mining department
  • Mastery Override: Follow the quest given to you by Daniels when you walk by the Mastery Override door behind the movable servers in Mining

Once you unlock the Mastery Override quest, it will take you to all of the RIGs as you unlock the areas they’re in. Just make sure to track the objective from your quest screen and it will take you directly to the different RIGs across the ship.