How to get Fish Oil in V Rising

Wondering where to find Fish Oil in V Rising? We've got you covered.

Image via Stunlock Studios

The new hit survival crafter is here, and many are looking to become the ultimate vampire in V Rising.

Stunlock Studios has gone to great lengths to develop a unique crafting system that allows players to constantly progress through the game and take advantage of every area they venture into. For some items, players must return to the earlier areas of the game as they’re not available in every region.

With all of the various items, materials, weapons, and armors players can craft, it can challenging to fully grasp the crafting system and where to find many of the base items. Crafting is important in V Rising as it’s required to upgrade weapons, armor, and even the player’s castle.

Some of the more basic items can be made alone with just the player’s character. But other more complicated and complex items require players to even kill a specific NPC or boss to unlock the crafting recipe and use unique ingredients.

One of these unique ingredients in particular is Fish Oil. Fish Oil is an important resource in V Rising and is required in abundance for players to convert leather and upgrade gear to the highest quality possible. Here, we’ll go over how players can farm Fish Oil as well as where and how to loot it.

Farming Fish Oil in V Rising

Those looking to sit back and relax while grinding out their Fish Oil have the option to fish for themselves. Doing so requires players to craft a Fishing Pole. In a previous article, we covered how to fish in V Rising, as well as how to unlock the ability to make a Fishing Pole. Those that have the recipe to create a pole can make one at a Woodworking Bench in their castle with the following materials:

  • Planks (8)
  • Coarse Threads (4)
  • Copper Ingots (4)

Once players have a Fishing Pole, they can take it to a fishing spot in the Farbane Woods. These spots are indicated by the bubbles rising from the water.

After players have collected various fishes, they can put them in The Devourer in their castle where they’ll be converted into Fish Oil, Fish Bones, and sometimes Fish Scales for players to freely use as they see fit.

Where and how to loot Fish Oil

Players can loot Fish Oil from various crates within villages. These crates can be destroyed to obtain the loot and have a chance to drop various items. These villages and camps are scattered all over the world of Vardoran. Those who have progressed far enough into the game have the ability to receive Fish Oil as a drop from killing specific creatures.

While the resource can find its way into players’ pockets early on with little to no use, it is still recommended to stockpile and break as many crates in the villages and camps as possible. The resource is very important for upgrading armor and gear later on in the game.