How to get a Discarded Phalynx Core in WoW Shadowlands

Here's how to pick up the required item to activate Corrupted Clawguard.

Screengrab via Activision Blizzard

With World of Warcraft‘s Shadowlands expansion live, you might encounter rare mobs in the new zones. Not all of them are attackable at start, requiring you to figure out how to activate the mob before you engage it.

One of such rares is the Corrupted Clawguard located in the new Bastion zone, the home of the Kyrian. To activate him, you need a Discarded Phalynx Core. Luckily for players, it’s not far away from the rare itself so it shouldn’t be a hassle to obtain it.

How to obtain a Discarded Phalynx Core

  • First, locate the cave of the Corrupted Clawguard in Bastion (56.41, 46.08 coordinates)
  • Enter the cave and scout the “altar” behind the rare mob
  • Pick up the shining Discarded Phalynx Core
  • Use it on the rare to aggro it and kill it for the loot

Corrupted Clawguard is a part of the “Adventurer of Bastion” achievement, which requires you to kill 29 rares in the Bastion zone. The respawn timer of these rares can vary from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours so don’t try to rush it in the first day of the expansion.

While the reward for completing this achievement is only 10 achievements points, some rares can drop epic mounts, such as Ascended Skymane, Sundancer, or Phalynx of Humility alongside other various goodies such as weapons or consumables.