How to fix “there was a problem finding a match. please check the settings and try again” error in Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

Players might not like the solution to this error.

Image via Mediatonic

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout released on the Epic Games Store and on consoles today as a free-to-play game, which is a change from its previous model where players had to make a one-time purchase in order to play the game.

Now that the highly popular multiplayer game is available for anyone with a PC or console, there are a number of issues plaguing the servers and people are having a hard time playing the game at all. There are a huge number of errors that players are encountering on the first day of Fall Guys‘ free-to-play model.

If players can manage to get into the game without encountering any other errors, they will likely run into another error that pops up and says “There was a problem finding a match. Please check the settings and try again.” This is an error that will likely go away with time, and is probably due to the amount of people trying to get into a game.

Unfortunately for those excited to get into the game, the best way to get around this error is to wait it out. This is an issue on the server side of things, and won’t have any real solution other than waiting for the developers to fix the servers.

This error is common for games that experience a large influx of players, and the servers simply cannot keep up with the demand that people put on it. Although some players might get through and be able to play a match, a large number of players are reporting issues like these on day one.

For those that would like to keep trying to get into a Fall Guys match, try restarting your PC or console, or closing the game and opening it again. This might give you a new error, or if you’re lucky, you might actually get put into a game.

To get updates about when the matter is resolved, keep an eye on Fall GuysTwitter. Even though not being able to play the game is very frustrating to most, maybe you’ll have a laugh at how the account delivers those updates.