How to fix Dying Light 2 Stay Human ‘Network Disconnected’ error code

It's not you, it's them.

Screengrab via Techland

Release periods hardly go according to plan. While developers try their best to squash all of the bugs close to release, new ones can arise when players are added to the equation.

Most network problems, however, often appear due to server-related issues, which can only be solved by the developers. In Dying Light 2, the “Network Disconnected” error usually appears for players trying to play co-op.

Considering it takes a while to unlock the co-op mode, running into an error during your first time testing the game mode can be rather annoying.

How can you fix the “Network Disconnected” error code in Dying Light 2 Stay Human?

At time of writing, there aren’t any solutions players can try out to fix this problem. If you’re experiencing the Network Disconnected error code in Dying Light 2, you’ll have no option but to wait for the developers to roll out a fix.

You can still try restarting your router and gaming device to make sure everything on your end is running under optimal conditions. The best you can do is keep an eye on Dying Light’s official Twitter account for status updates and the server status page to become one of the first players to start playing co-op when the error gets fixed.

If you continue to receive this error after it gets fixed by the devs, you should submit a support ticket so trained professionals can look at your case and find out the root of this error.