How to earn the Reached the Daunt trophy in Horizon Forbidden West

Players can plant a tree by planting their butts on the couch to play through Horizon Forbidden West.

Image via Guerrilla Games

As part of Sony’s partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, every time a player earns the Reached the Daunt trophy in Horizon Forbidden West, a tree will be planted.

The initiative matches up with the game’s theme, which is to save the Earth from something destroying it. For each Reached the Daunt trophy players earn, the Arbor Day Foundation will plant trees across the country to help with three different reforestation projects.

To earn the Reached the Daunt trophy, players must simply complete the tutorial part of the game, which is done within the first two hours of the game. Once they reach an area of the game called the Daunt, they’ll receive the trophy, making it easy to earn and contribute toward the reforestation efforts. A notification will pop up on the screen once the player has earned the trophy.

Screengrab via Sony

Horizon Forbidden West launches on Feb. 18, and for every Reached the Daunt trophy earned from then until March 25, a tree will be planted in one of three reforestation projects. The program will end early if all of the reforestation projects are completed before March 25.

The three forests in the project are the Douglas County Forest in Wisconsin, the Sheep Fire Private Lands in California, and Torreya State Park in Florida. Players are also encouraged to sign the Play4Forests petition, which requires a certain amount of signatures before it hits the Environment Masters at the UN Environment Assembly.