How to change the camera view in Gran Turismo 7

Is that a GoPro?

Screengrab via Polyphony Digital

No racer will be the same in Gran Turismo 7. From track preferences to car choices, every player will have their own way of driving. This also includes the camera view settings.

Using the right camera angle can allow you to have a better view of your car and the track, enabling you to make crucial maneuvers easier. You can settle on an interior angle that will make you feel like you’re actually inside the car or go with a classic bird’s eye-view setting, giving you access to more information on the track.

It’s relatively hard to call a camera view setting the best, however, and players will need to experiment with all of them to decide which one works for their playstyle.

How can you change the camera view in Gran Turismo 7?

To change your camera view in Gran Turismo 7, press the R1 button once. Doing so will allow you to cycle through the game’s four different camera view settings:

  • Cockpit cam
    • This camera angle will allow players to experience Gran Turismo 7 from the eyes of their driver.
  • External camera
    • This camera angle setting shows the whole car.
  • Bumper cam
    • Bumper camera view angle.
  • Hood cam one
    • This camera angle shows the front parts of the car and its hood.
  • Hood cam two
    • Hood cam two only features the car’s hood.

Each camera setting will be tailored toward a different type of driver and you’ll need to test out all of them to find the one that helps you perform the best on the tracks.