How to breathe underwater in Horizon Forbidden West

Enjoy the underwater serenity.

Image via Guerrilla Games

Horizon Forbidden West differentiates itself from its predecessor by adding numerous new areas to explore n the game, and some of them are underwater.

In most open-world games, characters have stamina or oxygen meters to prevent them from staying underwater too long. In Horizon, however, developers have added a legendary underwater dive mask that can be used to stay underwater infinitely without worrying about running out of breath. The mask doesn’t provide any other advantages to the user outside of infinite breath when submerged.

Players will come across this mask in the main quest in Horizon named The Sea of Sands, with a recommended level of 22. During the mission, players should meet Morlund, who will let Aloy know about the mask. Just beside the character, players will be asked to craft the underwater mask in the workbench. They should choose the last option, Special Gear, and craft the mask to breathe underwater.

Players need to have three components to craft the underwater mask: Compressed Air Capsule, Machine Knee Cap, and Synthetic Membrane. If they don’t have these parts, players should hunt down some machines like Bellowbacks and Leapslashers, who have the materials needed to craft the mask. If the player already has all the necessary parts, though, they can easily craft the mask and start their underwater ventures.