How to beat the Demi-Human Chief in the Coastal Cave in Elden Ring

These bosses are nothing to worry about.

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The Demi-Human Chiefs are likely one of the first optional bosses you’ll encounter in Elden Ring as they are located in the Coastal Cave to the southwest of the first site of grace. This duo can be challenging to defeat, especially at low levels, but with a bit of practice and a game plan, you can take them out with ease. 

The Coastal Cave is an important location in Elden Ring as it leads to the Dragon Communion Altar and is also one of the locations for a quest. You’ll likely defeat these bosses at some point in most playthroughs, so learning how to defeat them is a good idea. 

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The good news is the Demi-Human Chiefs only have a few attacks that are easy to dodge. If you notice one of the bosses stepping forward, they’re about to swing their knives downward for a powerful attack. This is easy to recognize and dodge, so keep an eye out for it. They can also jump into the air for a leap attack, which typically occurs when you’re too far away, and they want to close the distance. Again, dodge this attack to avoid damage. 

The Demi-Human Chiefs will also scream and initiate a spin attack, which can be tough to dodge at first. They typically spin twice before stopping, so wait for the opportunity to strike. Dealing with two enemies at once might be daunting, but the bosses are vulnerable to attacks and easily isolated. 

The Chiefs will be surrounded by smaller enemies when you first enter the area. Your best bet is to eliminate the smaller enemies first as they can create problems later in the fight. After doing this, deal as much damage as possible to the first chief before the second enters the area. You can stagger the Demi-Human Chiefs, so take advantage of this by stunning them to leave them vulnerable to damage. Just remember that you’ll need to escape at some point, so don’t burn through all of your stamina. 

If you have a melee build, focus on taking out one chief first to make the fight easier. Consistently deal damage when possible, and dodge the attacks to stay alive. Ranged builds or magic users can easily defeat the Demi-Human Chiefs from a distance as long as they have enough FP. 

Its also possible to summon Spirit Ashes to help in this fight, which is a valid strategy if you are overwhelmed. Also, feel free to come back later at a higher level if you’re having trouble, as these bosses do not need to be defeated to progress the story.