How does poison work in Fire Emblem Engage and how can you cure it

You'll have to fix it yourself.

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Fire Emblem Engage brings tactical RPGs back to the forefront of the gaming world again, and the newest installment in the franchise delivers on a lot of the expectations the fans had. The turn-based fighting system has returned and there’s a ton of variety in weaponry and strategy players can incorporate into their playthroughs.

There’s a whole list of moves to incorporate into your Engage fights, including poison—you just have to know what they are, and how to deal with them.

How does poison work in Fire Emblem Engage?

Fire Emblem Engage
Image via Intelligent Systems

Poison is one of the features you’ll come across in Engage. The mechanic is exclusively available on the Knife weapon type. Once you’ve hit someone else or been hit by a poisoned knife, you’ll deal or be dealt extra damage points.

When a player is poisoned, they’ll continue to take damage after their turn is completed. You’ll be able to tell you’re dealing passive poison damage by the purple skull appearing next to the health bar.

If you keep hitting an enemy with the same poisoned knife, you’ll deal more poison damage after the turn phase has come to an end.

How do I cure poison in Fire Emblem Engage?

Sometimes you get cut by a dodgy knife, and all you can do is sit there and watch the poison take precious health away, bit by bit. There is a cure, and it’s relatively simple.

If you don’t cure yourself after being poisoned, it will last until the end of the stage. To cure poison, find yourself some Antitoxins. These consumable items cost 400G in the Item Shop and will fix all your problems. Another way to cure poison is the Restore Staff. You’ll be able to access the Restore staff after you’ve reached Chapter 9. It’ll cost 500G from the Engage Item shop and removes the status effects on allies.

There you have it, now you should be relatively safe from poison for the rest of your Fire Emblem Engage playthrough. Another way is to just not get hit, of course.