How do you get and use servants in V Rising?

Use your servants to your advantage.

Image via Stunlock Studios

V Rising allows players to live out their vampire fantasies as they ravage the world and slowly build their castle into a massive complex. The grind for materials and items can be rough, but eventually, you’ll be able to dominate humans and turn them into loyal servants. This can confuse new players, but getting and using servants in V Rising is easy after you understand the process. 

A lot of groundwork must be done before you can use servants in V Rising. You’ll need to unlock the Servant Coffin recipe, which won’t be unlocked until the Lord of the Manor quest. You must create a Stone Coffin first, which requires an enclosed area of Reinforced Walls and a stone floor. This is a significant task with multiple steps, so expect this grind before trying to unlock and use servants. 

After crafting at least one Servant Coffin, you need progress until the Army of Darkness quest is unlocked. This quest instructs players to use the Dominating Presence power to convert an injured human into a servant.  Players must damage an enemy until they are almost dead and use the Dominating Presence ability. This will allow them to guide the human back to their castle, where they can be assigned to a Servant Coffin. After a converting process, the human will be available to do your tidings. 

After a servant is converted, players can assign them to a specific region to gather various resources. Each servant has unique stats that can help them gather specific resources, so make sure you’re sending the servant to an appropriate area. For example, a Militia member is more likely to succeed in a militia region. A servant’s blood type also determines their perks, and servants can be equipped with gear to help them on their journey. 

Players can see the chance of success for the servant’s endeavor, and lowering the duration can help increase the odds of them being successful. Finally, you can send the servant on their hunt and interact with their coffin to collect any loot they gather or to summon them. 

Players will unlock more Servant Coffins as they progress through V Rising. Servants can significantly help the grind for high-tier items or loot, so take advantage of your army of loyal followers.