A Hunter minion joins the ranks of The Witchwood cards revealed

This new Epic card gives off a toxic vibe.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Witchwood is nearly upon us and all of its cards are being revealed one-by-one as we countdown the days until the expansion’s release.

A new Epic Hunter minion is the latest card to be unveiled, following the reveal of another Hunter minion, Duskhaven Hunter, earlier today.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Toxmonger is a four-mana minion with two attack and four health. While you have Toxmonger in play, whenever you play a one-cost minion, it gains Poisonous. This ability can be strong if you use cheap minions to trade into your opponent’s large minions.

Some cards, like Stonetusk Boar, would have good synergy with Toxmonger. There’s some potential in this card, but it doesn’t seem strong enough to be played in Hunter decks. Quest Hunter isn’t a powerful deck right now, but Toxmonger would fit nicely into that. Aggro Hunter could also benefit from using Toxmonger to help take down Taunt minions.

While some decks could benefit from Toxmonger, Spell Hunter is the most common deck played in the class at the moment, and that deck doesn’t play many one drops. Mid-range Hunter is also becoming more popular, and it’s another deck that doesn’t feature many one-cost cards.

You can preorder a package that comes with 70 The Witchwood packs and a special card back for $49.99.