Shaman gets a new Beast minion in The Witchwood

This little guy looks really hungry.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

We’re nearing the final stretch of The Witchwood card reveals ahead of the expansion’s release on April 14. And there aren’t many cards left to show, as Shaman gets a new minion revealed by Japanese site Game.Watch.Impress.

Totem Cruncher is a four-mana 2/3 minion with Taunt. Those stats are terrible for a minion that costs four mana, and in the mid game, this card won’t stand up to much. But Shaman players have the chance to buff the stats on Totem Crunch because of its Battlecry. Totem Cruncher will destroy each Totem you have on board and gain two attack and health for each Totem.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Totem Shaman hasn’t been a popular deck for a long time, although Kobolds and Catacombs introduced some new cards to make it viable. A good scenario is to use your hero power twice on turn two and turn three, then throw down Totem Cruncher on turn four and buff the Beast up to a 6/7 Taunt.

A Taunt with seven health for four mana is fantastic to have early in the game and will fend off most of your opponent’s minions. Totem Cruncher will require Shaman players to generate multiple Totems early to smack a big Taunt on the board. This card also has the possibility to reach 14/15 with a board full of Totems—talk about a big minion.

It’ll be interesting to see how players develop Shaman-style decks, as Evolve Shaman will be leaving the Standard meta. Totem Shaman may become a strong contender for the new go-to Shaman deck type.