Gran Turismo 7 exploit allows players to farm millions of game credits without playing

The exploit allows players to farm up to 650,000 credits per hour.

Following the series of updates in Gran Turismo 7 (GT7) that garnered mixed reactions from players worldwide, a fan posted an exploit in the game that can help grind players millions of credits even if they are not playing.

As seen on the post by PSNProles user Septomor, the script of the exploit will allow players to navigate through GT7 without actually playing it. The PS Remote Play app is needed to pull the exploit off since the script can only work on PC.

And the result? Players may farm up to 650,000 credits per hour by abusing the exploit, thanks to the AFK farming system it supports.

“This is a method to 100 percent AFK farm credits,” user Septomor posted on the PSNProfiles forum. “I know with nerfs people are not happy and are probably turned off by the enormous grind, or at least I am. So here are some scripts, created to adjust for those nerfs. Windows only for the time being.”

Another piece of evidence showed how the exploit works. GT7 player iLLmatic posted a YouTube video demonstrating the wonders of the continuous grind courtesy of the exploit. Around 550,000 credits per hour were earned this time, which is roughly estimated to be 13.2 million credits in 24 hours.

All of these exploit reports followed the controversial 24-hour downtime for GT7 last week where fans expressed their frustration about their missed opportunity to play the game. Polyphony Digital also launched a patch that decreased the payouts players can get from races. It’s a tough week for a new game. 

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