Everything you need to know about Smite’s new Welcome Pass

Free stuff for all.

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

Alongside the new god Shiva, The Destroyer, Smite Patch 9.2 introduced a feature aimed at first-time players.

Smite now has a Welcome Pass.

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

The Welcome Pass takes inspiration from and is essentially a battle pass. The Welcome Pass contains 20 rewards and requires you to play 20 matches. That means each match you play, you’ll rank up a level in the Welcome Pass and gain the award associated with that level.

The Welcome Pass is aimed at rewarding new players with skins, gods, currency, and other cosmetics. Generally, players need to fork over some real-life cash to earn the majority of in-game cosmetics, so any freebie is always appreciated.

The pass kicks things off with a loading frame called the Frame of Truth. All players need to do to earn this frame is play one match. That means new players will earn the Frame of Truth after their first normal or ranked match. You only need to complete matches to earn rewards. You do not have to win.

After logging into Smite for the first time, new players will then have 30 days to complete the Welcome Pass. If you already play Smite, you won’t miss out on the rewards. All you have to do is log in and your own Welcome Pass 30-day timer will start.

The awards associated with each level of the pass can be found below.

  • Level one: Frame of Truth Loading Frame
  • Level two: 10,000 Viewer Points
  • Level three: 1,000 Favor
  • Level four: Nu Wa
  • Level five: Garnet Nu Wa skin
  • Level six: 25 Gems
  • Level seven: Pick Your Own Booster Chest
  • Level eight: Free Fall Recall skin
  • Level nine: Cerberus
  • Level 10: Crimson Keeper Cerberus skin
  • Level 11: 50 Gems
  • Level 12: Eye of the Storm avatar
  • Level 13: Green Thumb Level-Up skin
  • Level 14: Azure Skies Kukulkan skin
  • Level 15: 5,500 Favor
  • Level 16: Three Day Booster
  • Level 17: Medusa
  • Level 18: Scarlet Serpent Medusa
  • Level 19: 100 Gems
  • Level 20: Pick Your Own God chest