Everything coming alongside Tiamat in this week’s Smite update

The Mother of Creation draws near.

Image via Hi-Rez studios

The Battlegrounds of the Gods is getting one of its most ambitious additions yet: Tiamat, Goddess of the Salt Sea.

The Goddess of the Salt Sea update goes live in Smite tomorrow and introduces a lot more than just Tiamat. Here’s a little preview of what you can expect.

The main attraction of the new update will be Tiamat. The Babylonian pantheon’s Mother of Creation, Tiamat will be a Mage. This means you can expect to see Tiamat most frequently in the mid lane. If you don’t have the ultimate God Pack, you’ll be able to pick Tiamat up for 11,000 favor or 200 gems.

Tiamat has a unique playstyle that sees her make use of a grounded and flying stance. Similar to gods like Merlin, Tiamat’s abilities will change based on what stance she’s in. Speaking of Merlin, he was broken at launch, partially due to his ability to shift stances so seamlessly. Tiamat will likely be strong upon release due to how difficult it’ll be for people to get used to playing against the god’s abilities.

Tiamat will arrive on Tuesday, Feb. 23. Alongside her, you’ll find two new skins that are a part of the Dawn of Babylon event. Not long ago, Thoth and Heimdallr got new skins by way of the event. And now, Arachne and Mulan are next up.

Arachnoid Arachne and Wildstyle Mulan will be available in a bundle, just like Thoth and Heimdallr before them. Bundles in the event thus far have cost 1,200 gems but can be purchased at a discount when they’re initially released.

The fun coming with Tiamat isn’t limited to the store, though. All weekend long, players will be able to earn three times the amount of Worshipers. This will give you the chance to ramp up your rank on Tiamat to strike fear into the heart of your opponent during the load screen.

You can check out Tiamat, as well as the new Arachne and Mulan skins, starting tomorrow. You can check out the full details on the update, including new chest and skin combos, in the official patch notes.