EsportsWikis Expanding into New Titles

EsportsWikis is expanding into new titles and we want your help

When we announced Esportspediamigrating to GAMURS-owned EsportsWikis a week ago (read theoriginal post on Reddit here), we mentioned that we were going to explorenew titles to expand to. We’re now happy to announce the first stepin that process: a survey to see what the esports community wantsus to do next.

The most important thing for awiki to be successful is community interest, especially frompotential editors, so your answers to this survey will directlyimpact which title(s) we do.

You can indicate either interestin us creating a wiki (you would use it if we built it) or interestin editing/managing a wiki. If you’re interested inediting/managing a wiki, be sure to fill out the Google Form pastquestion one; also, select answer “Yes…” for thefinal question to input your contact information.

The Google Form can beaccessed here.

We know some of you (especiallyin Europe) are still finishing exams, so if you can’t start for aweek, that is not a problem. If you want to start editing in oneweek from now, just leave a comment at the end of your surveyindicating such. If you would like to start immediately, we willcontact you promptly after we receive your Google Form depending onresponse volume. We’ll be collecting information in Google Docs forthe first couple days as we set up templates and the rest of thewiki’s backend, and then moving over to the wiki early nextweek.

We can’t wait to keep makingawesome content, and we can’t wait for you, the community, to makeawesome esports content with us.

This article was written by staff writer Dylan Sen.