Elden Ring speedrunner completes deathless run in 2.5 hours

The lands not so far inbetween.

Image via FromSoftware

An Elden Ring speedrunner going only by the moniker Niko Bellic posted a two and a half hour deathless run of FromSoftware’s latest game.

The Lands Between is a vast, open-world map full of mystery and intrigue. Featuring countless bosses, hidden catacombs, and a vague plot signature to the game series, Elden Ring promotes heavy exploration. Niko Bellic, however, spent his time with Elden Ring perfecting the most optimal routes to pull off the most impressive speedrun that the game has seen yet.

After obtaining the spectral steed, Torrent, Niko Bellic was off to the races. While Elden Ring features approximately 83 total boss fights in the game, extremely few are actually integral to reaching the story’s climax. As such, Niko Bellic didn’t waste time with unnecessary fights, skipping past hundreds of hours of potential content.

When encountering some of the few required bosses, such as the notoriously difficult Magit or Rennala, the speedrunner quickly dispatched of the obstacles as if they were mere regular mobs. Though coming close to death several times, Niko Bellic never dropped a single life in their entire run, collecting some of the most powerful resources in the game to aid in their effort. Reaching the Elden Beast only two hours into the game, the Elden Ring aficionado beat the final boss of the game in five minutes.

While FromSoftware games have earned a reputation for their difficulty, countless players over the years have risen up to the challenge. Although it’s full of spoilers, Niko Bellic’s seemingly impossible speedrun is an astounding feat to watch for both soulsborne veterans and newcomers to the series.