Elden Ring patch fixes PC issues, PS5 save bug

Your save file is safe.

Screengrab via FromSoftware

Elden Ring players on PC and the PlayStation 5 can rest easy knowing the latest patch fixed numerous issues, including the problem with progression not saving correctly when Elden Ring is not closed correctly on the PS5. 

Thousands of players are enjoying Elden Ring on multiple platforms, but many are also experiencing bugs and issues that slightly hinder the overall experience. PC players have reported stuttering or dropping frames in some instances, and others have encountered a plethora of other minor bugs. PS5 players have also encountered an issue with losing progress when their game wasn’t closed correctly. Patch 1.02.2 has addressed several of these issues, and players should have a smoother experience going forward. 

The latest patch resolved an issue where the graphics card was not being used on PC, significantly impacting the overall performance. Another annoying bug causing the game to crash during the fight with the Fire Giant has been resolved, and other bugs were also addressed in the update. 

PS5 players should no longer lose progression when their game isn’t closed correctly, removing one of the most significant pain points for players on this platform. It’s still a good idea to quit the game through the main menu to prevent any issues, but this update should help preserve your file. 

FromSoftware is consistently pumping out updates for Elden Ring, so hopefully, performance will continue to improve on all platforms.