EA teases Battlefield 6 spring reveal, release date, and massive player lobbies

The title is set for a holiday season release.

Image via DICE

The wait is almost over for Battlefield fans. Electronic Arts has hinted at a new game set to be revealed this spring.

EA shared details on the upcoming Battlefield title in an earnings call today. The report revealed that the upcoming project will see a return to “all-out military warfare” and will be the first to break the 64-player limit, providing for more players that ever supported in the franchise before.

As the next generation of consoles is upon us, EA shared its plan to utilize the full capabilities of these devices to bring a never-before-seen experience to the franchise.

“The game takes full advantage of the power of next-generation platforms to bring massive and immersive battles to life with more players than ever before,” EA CEO Andrew Wilson said in the earnings report.

The most recent addition to the franchise came back in 2018 when Battlefield V was released. In this game the largest servers could boast 32-vs-32 player games, however, it sounds as though the team has planned to lift this cap going forward.

No information has currently been shared on a title for the game. While it is currently set to be revealed in spring, players will have to wait until the holiday season before they can finally get their hands on the physical game.