Does Pro Evolution eFootball have crossplay?

It'll get there.

Image via Konami

FIFA’s ever-lasting rival, Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), is trying a different take to spice up the competition. Instead of moving forward with a sequel with a new year at the end of its name, Konami decided to rebrand the whole series and call it eFootball.

The name isn’t the only aspect that will be changing, however. EFootball moves away from Konami’s game engine to Unreal Engine 4. The game will also be free-to-play, meaning it’ll be more accessible which can be helpful when it comes to drawing in new players.

Considering the game’s free-to-play nature will make it one of the more accessible sports titles, it becomes hard not to wonder whether eFootball will have crossplay. During its beta period and initial release, it looks like eFootball won’t support crossplay. It doesn’t mean it’s not in the cards, however. The roadmap of the game indicates that crossplay will make its way to eFootball during some time in Autumn or early winter. 

Alongside crossplay compatibility many other features will slowly make their way into eFootball. Toward the later part of Autumn, online leagues and team-building mode will become available, increasing the level of competition in the game.

While players will need to wait for at least late Autumn for crossplay compatibility, cross-generation support will be ready to go early Autumn, shortly after the game’s release.