Does Horizon Forbidden West have a New Game + mode?

This was one of the most popular features in the previous game.

Image via Guerrilla Games

Horizon Forbidden West is finally available to play, five years after the first game of the series came out on PlayStation 4.

The game, much like its predecessor, has lots of things to do, keeping players busy for potentially dozens of hours. Overall, it should take you around 30 hours to finish if you focus on just the main story, and around 45 if you want to complete side quests as well.

But does the new Horizon have a New Game + mode, which allows you to start your story from scratch but with your level and items from your previously finished playthrough?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, this mode isn’t available in the game. It’s possible, however, that Guerrilla Games will introduce it in an upcoming update. Players should expect DLCs for the game in the following months. The Frozen Wilds DLC for Horizon: Zero dawn was released just a few months after the game came out in 2017.